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[Philip Henry Gosse claims about Creation:] The principle of reason requires that no result be without a cause, and those causes require other causes, which are multiplied regressively; there are concrete vestiges of them all, but only those that are posterior to the Creation have really existed. There are glyptodont skeletons in the gorge of Luján, but glyptodonts never existed … Bertrand Russell has brought the thesis up to date … he theorises that the planet was created a few minutes ago, with a humanity that ‘remembers’ an illusory past.

(Jorge Luis Borges. La creación y P. H. Gosse)

Russell’s idea is inconsequent, of course. The world hasn’t been created yet, and God is still pondering how the world should look on the day of creation; and we are part of His thoughts.

Thinking again: maybe He forbears from creating the world. It seems to be working quite well in an inexistent state.

The calendar divides the year into 52 weeks of 7 days each, plus one or two additional days. The weekdays’ names are compounds with inherited names of ancient gods such as dayÌ VenusÌU. ‘Venus’s day, the day for Venus’ dayUVenusÌ.. (By contrast, the modern names of ancient gods and their associated planets are academic loans from Old Lemizh.) Their order is somewhat different from ours.

Interactive calendar
LemizhTranslationOur equivalent
dayUUranusÌ.Uranian daySunday
dayUSaturnÌ.Saturnian dayMonday
dayUMarsÌ.Martian dayTuesday
dayUMercuryÌ.Mercurian dayWednesday
dayUdjÌps.Jovian dayThursday
dayUVenusÌ.Venusian dayFriday
dayUdjnÌ.Terrestrial daySaturday

For the first 52 × 7 = 364 days of the year, the complete date comprises a day’s name, a week’s number and a year.

The last day of the year is called Neptunian day (dayUxmÌj.). Leap years have a leap day immediately before the Neptunian. Leap years are the ones that can be divided by four (that is, their unit or first digit is 0, 4, 8 or C), but not by 128 (their unit and sixteens digits, or the first two digits, are neither 00 nor 08). Neptunian and leap days do not have a week number.

The first day of the Lemizh year corresponds roughly to 20th December. To get the Lemizh year, add 1463 to the Gregorian year. During the last days of December, add 1464.

  71ìR dayUdjyìRnps 89DÌoR.17hex = 23rd Jovian day in D98hex = 348026th May 2017
23-egr1 day-ben-Jupiter-acc-partegr2 3480-acc-eps2.

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