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djUtfÌps. Neptunian day, the Lemizh equivalent of New Year’s Eve (see appendix, Date)
djUtfÙlps. lit. ‘the [four] purposes of the Neptunian day / of New Year’s Eve’, referring to food, gifts, charity, and the return of the sun

psrèb fÌpse. Midwinter God (roughly corresponding to Father Christmas, Santa Claus)


Children generally call the Midwinter God psrèb fÌpse.. His formal (scholarly, religious) name is fOpysrÌf. (as is the name of the planet Neptune in Modern Lemizh).

New Year’s Eve, and the associated festivities, have been called that since Late Middle Lemizh. From Early New Lemizh times onwards, a number of parallels to Father Christmas have sprung up in popular belief – e.g., the Midwinter God is said to find out whether children have been naughty or nice, and brings presents only to the good ones. His sledge, though, is drawn by four porpoises swimming through the air.


NLem fOps‑a
LMLem fÒpys‑yr ‘Father Midwinter’
MLem fOOpys‑yr, haplology of
OLem föpysir‑
PLem *foɦ‑paser‑, compound of
  PLem *foɦ‑ ‘?’, Narten present of
PIE *h₃eg‑
  PLem *paser‑ ‘father’
PIE *ph̥₂tér‑s

The first part of the compound is based on a root of unknown meaning.


Eng father

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