lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Solution for exercise 4 in unit 15

angryá tetchya5/8tortoiseyè avníem zèe. (as a coordination)
angry-fact1 tetchy-fact-5/8-nom-nom2a tortoise-acc-nom2 eat-fact-not-dat-qualnom2 PIn−3-nom-nom3a.
angryá tortoisetetchya5/8ilÒl avníem zèe. (as a persuasive ‘clause’)
angry-fact1 tortoise-acc-nom2a tetchy-fact-5/8-cons-psu2 eat-fact-not-dat-qualnom2 PIn−3-nom-nom3a.
(‘The tortoise is angry like an un-fed one.’)

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