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to shoot arrows at something-dat, to do archery

fkrè. archer (also the constellation Sagittarius; see appendix, Constellations)
fkrÌ. arrow
fkrù. bow


NLem fkur‑a ‘shoot arrows’
LMLem pkùr‑a
MLem pkueru‑a
OLem pkueru‑ ‘arrow’
PLem *pk‑ueru‑, contraction, compound of
  PLem *pk‑ ‘reach (out)’, sk̑-present of
PIE *peth₂‑ ‘spread (one’s wings), fly (up)’
  PLem *gweru‑ ‘skewer, spear’
PIE *gʷéru

The PLem word for an arrow is literally ‘[far] reaching spear’.


Eng feather; Ir bior ‘spike, tip’