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to make tortoises, turtles (also the constellation Monoceros; see appendix, Constellations)

fkrÌj skrìjy. to shoot oneself in the foot (lit. ‘a tortoise being stung’)


NLem fkrongj‑a
LMLem, MLem repkongj‑ar
OLem rep‑konggh‑, compound of
  OLem rep‑ ‘creep’
PLem *ref‑, root present of
PIE *reh₁p‑
  OLem konggh‑ ‘shell, mussel’
PLem *konggh‑
PIE *kóngʰ‑eh₂

The name of this irritating animal literally means ‘shell(ed) creeper’.


Eng reptile (via Lat rēpō ‘creep’); Eng, Lat cochlea