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to play chess, a game of chess

jvelÌ. chess piece
jvelòr. chess board


NLem jvelO‑a
LMLem xwasèlÒ‑yr
MLem xwaseilOU‑yr
OTroy ϲ̣ασιλευ‑ς /hʷaˈse͜ileus/ ‘king, chess’
SHell *qhasileũ‑s ‘chief, king’, probably of pre-Greek origin

OTroy likely calqued this term from a language spoken in East Asia, where chess originated. Another OTroy term for this (or a similar) game is ϙετϝορες /kedˈvo͜ures/ ‘four’, from the four sections of an army, which the players aim to connect in an optimal way.


Gk βασιλεύς ‘chief, king’