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self-transporting: to run somewhere-dat etc.;
acc: to drift or float quickly somewhere ditto in water etc.-nom [or agentive caus]

nenÌ. also the constellation roghly corresponding to Antlia, Pyxis, and parts of Hydra and Puppis (see appendix, Constellations)


NLem neni‑a
LMLem nènì‑a
MLem neenii‑a
OLem nēnī‑
PLem *nēnī‑ ‘be driven > run’, intensive of
PIE *nei̯H‑ ‘lead, guide’

The secondary meaning ‘to drift quickly’ is attested from Late Middle Lemizh, in a song about 255 toy balloons made from pig bladders.


Ved náyati ‘leads’