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to make (it) winter

Usage notes

Technically, winter starts with the winter solstice (around 21st December in our calendar) and ends with the spring equinox (around 21st March). In everyday parlance, however, the term is usually applied to the time spanning weeks 1 to 13 in the Lemizh Sun calendar, which starts and ends somewhat earlier.


NLem qisn‑a
LMLem, MLem qisn‑yr
OLem thisn‑
PLem *sisn‑ ‘age’ [verb], i-reduplicated athematic present of
PIE *sen‑ ‘old’

Winter was named as the ‘old’ part of the year long before there was a calendar that started with the winter solstice.


Eng senile (via Lat senīlis ‘aged’), Ir sean ‘old’