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to make mermaids (also a constellation in the region of Cassiopaia, Camelopardalis and Lynx; see appendix, Constellations)

zrOnyÌx. merman (also the constellations Aquarius and Equuleus)


NLem zrOn‑a
LMLem serèn‑yr
Koi Σειρήν ‘Siren’, agentive noun of
  Koi σειρ‑ά ‘cord, rope’, nominalisation of
  Koi εἴρ‑ω ‘link, bind together’
SHell *héry‑ō, full-grade i̯e-present of
PIE *ser‑

doublet of sràj. and sràc.


Eng Siren, Lat serō ‘link, bind together’