lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise 6 in unit 11

Thou hast got more hair on thy chin than my horse has on his tail.


tìlcd cyhwÌ wrÌdjar ziÚ klÌtarm ÌhwU cèU.
more-cons1 hair-acc-acc2 chin-acc-loc2 PIn−3-dat-ben3 tail-acc-qualloc2 horse-acc-ben3 PIn−4-nom-ben4.
(The amount of hair on your chin is more than the one on my horse’s tail.
‘chin’ could also be the locative object of ‘hair’, but then we would need an additional pronoun — Ìmym — as a predicate for ‘tail’, unnecessarily complicating the sentence.)