lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Solution for exercise 2 in unit 13

dáxt zaraqyhtè qaxknáy ftnÌky zèU.
must-fact1 Zarathustra-acc-nom2a fly-fact-not-fact-acc2 eagle-acc-acc3a PIn−3-nom-ben4.
dáxt zaraqyhtè ftnÌki veÚ qaxknày.
must-fact1 Zarathustra-acc-nom2a eagle-acc-dat2 PIn−2-nom-ben3 fly-fact-not-fact-acc2.
kmaká zaraqyhtè qáxky ftnÌky zèU. (‘Zarathustra forbids his eagle to fly.’)
allow-fact-opposition-fact1 Zarathustra-acc-nom2a fly-fact-acc2 eagle-acc-acc3a PIn−3-nom-ben4.
kmaká zaraqyhtè ftnÌki veÚ qàxky.
allow-fact-opposition-fact1 Zarathustra-acc-nom2a eagle-acc-dat2 PIn−2-nom-ben3 fly-fact-acc2.
(Actually, there are four more possibilities with type II pronouns.)