lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise 6 in unit 14

a song [concrete noun] by the girl about riding a horse
(two translations with different meanings)
What if we drop the requirement that ‘song’ be a concrete noun?


mý byè ganàa xàcy Ìhwi. (The girl made the song.)
make-acc1 female-acc-nom2a sing-fact-fact2 ride-fact-acc3 horse-acc-dat4.
mÌ ganáa byè xàcy Ìhwi. (The girl sings the song.)
make-acc1 sing-fact-fact2 female-acc-nom3a ride-fact-acc3 horse-acc-dat4.
ganá byè xàcy Ìhwi. (‘song’ as gerund-like abstract noun)
sing-fact1 female-acc-nom2a ride-fact-acc2 horse-acc-dat3.