lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise 3 in unit 16

The child, which the tortoise assumes got the bottle, is beautiful.
(Translate with and without a weak bracket.)


prìlj cnÌy tÌlpy fkryjì dìly zyì dwÌwy. (No agent given for ‘assume’, so a motivational wouldn’t make much sense.)
beautiful-cons1 child-acc-acc2 assume-ctx-acc3 tortoise-acc-dat4 give-cons-acc4 PIn−3-acc-dat5 bottle-acc-acc5.
tìlp fkryjì dìly cnÌi pryjý dwÌwy. (‘The tortoise assumes that the beautiful child has been given the bottle.’)
assume-cons1 tortoise-acc-dat2 give-cons-acc2 child-acc-dat3 beautiful-acc-acc4 bottle-acc-acc3.