lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise End 1 in unit 2

Invert the highlighted words and translate both the original sentence and yours: (Don’t worry about the difference between agentive and non-agentive.)
wáx iíne jnyé nagcÌ hemÌsi.
speak-fact1 love-partdat-nom2a all-acc-nom3a war-fact-acc2 Seamus-acc-dat2.


The one being loved by all (by everybody), possibly among others, tells Seamus about a war.
iá jnyè wèxin nagcÌ hemÌsi.
love-fact1 all-acc-nom2a speak-nom-partdat2 war-fact-acc3 Seamus-acc-dat3.
Everybody loves one (or some, or all) of those telling Seamus about a war.