lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary


New: Published a sketch on pragmatics. Much remains to be done, though.
By and by adding dictionary entries with connotations and etymologies. The 1000th word in the English/Lemizh dictionary is krèxt. ‘nimble’, cognate with an Ancient Greek verb meaning ‘rend, break’.

This website provides information about the Lemizh language. Here you will find a tutorial with many examples and exercises, a bilingual dictionary and background information. And by the way, ‘Lem‑izh’ is stressed on the second syllable.

Why read this? Lemizh has quite an alien structure. This is mainly because its grammar is unusually simple and coherent, not at all like most other grammars, which tend to employ a large number of independent rules. There are only verbs, no other parts of speech. Everything the Indo-European languages (such as English) express as dependent clauses and attributes, whether they are adjectives, participles, genitive (-’s) attributes, relative or object clauses, are formed after a single principle in Lemizh.

If you are interested in thinking along unusual lines, you might enjoy this website. On the other hand, if you are looking for a language to enhance your career prospects in a multinational company, you’re better off learning Japanese.

The country of Lemaria lies to the north and west of the Black Sea. The capital, Shabar, is at the Dniester Liman or Estuary.
The country of Lemaria (lemàrc., Lemàrzh)

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