lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise 3 in unit 14

Amélie didn’t want to be seen.
(three possibilities, one stating that she was seen)


laxtká amelyè dmàty vèe.
want-fact-opposition-fact1 Amélie-acc-nom2a see-fact-acc2 PIn−2-nom-nom3.
láxt amelyè dmatnày vèe. (neg-raising)
want-fact1 Amélie-acc-nom2a see-fact-not-fact-acc2 PIn−2-nom-nom3.
dmàt amelyè laxtkýa vèe. (‘Unwanted by her / Unluckily for her, Amélie was seen.’)
see-fact1 Amélie-acc-nom2 want-fact-opposition-acc-fact2 PIn−2-nom-nom3a.
(or affirmative case)