lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Solution for exercise Pronouns 4 in unit 6

nà spázy zeè tyý gwÌOl. (or outer caus for the last word)
not-fact1 happy-fact-acc2 PIn−3-nom-nom3a this-acc-acc3 any-acc-psu2.
Making ‘any’ an object of ‘happy’ as in the following translation is not quite the same. Do you get the difference (per compounding Rule Three)?
spazná veè tyÌ gwÌOl.
happy-fact-not-fact1 PIn−2-nom-nom2a this-acc-acc2 any-acc-psu2.
If ‘this’ refers to the previous exercise, we can replace the definite pronoun with — saý — (in the first translation) or — qaÌ — (in the second).