lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Scorpion (plUpÌ.)

The Scorpion consists of our constellations Scorpius and Libra (the weighing scales). In some stories, it is killed by the Archer, in others, it is confronted by the Prince (who is on his quest to win the Princess’s hand), or by both. The fact that the Archer is female and also of royal blood only serves to complicate things.

Antares, α Scorpii, is called the Apple Star (memqxxalè.) in the Lemizh tradition.

See also plUpà. in the dictionary.

The 182 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/21 Sco (Antares)6.921.06
1010σ/20 Sco (Alniyat)4.482.90
1111Hip 809100.276.07
1212i/22 Sco1.974.79
1313ο/19 Sco2.294.55
1414ρ/5 Oph2.264.57
1515d Sco1.954.80
1616Hip 817280.276.07
1717Hip 796220.286.06
1818c²/13 Sco2.254.58
1919c¹/12 Sco0.805.67
1A1Aω/9 Oph2.424.45
1B1BHip 816320.036.25
22β¹/8 Sco (Acrab)4.932.56
2020ν/14 Sco (Jabbah)3.024.00
212147 Lib0.435.95
2222λ/45 Lib1.645.04
232349 Lib1.065.47
2424θ/46 Lib2.844.13
2525ψ/4 Oph2.384.48
2626χ/7 Oph2.724.22
2727Hip 796920.246.09
2828Hip 799380.405.97
2929φ/8 Oph2.634.29
2A2A11 Sco0.695.75
2B2BHip 817540.965.55
2C2CHip 780780.216.11
2D2D48 Lib1.754.95
33δ/7 Sco (Dschubba)5.292.29
3030ω¹/9 Sco3.113.93
3131Hip 788770.495.90
3232Hip 781680.575.84
3333Hip 778591.145.41
3434Hip 790980.555.86
3535ω²/10 Sco2.614.31
3636Hip 765690.605.82
3737κ/43 Lib2.024.75
383841 Lib1.215.36
3939Hip 761061.025.50
3A3AHip 759390.096.20
44π/6 Sco (Fang)4.492.89
4040ρ/5 Sco (Iklil)3.193.87
41414 Sco0.855.63
4242Hip 786501.744.96
4343Hip 782461.125.43
44443 Sco0.535.87
4545A/2 Sco2.234.59
4646Hip 779000.166.15
4747Hip 786990.076.22
4848b/1 Sco2.184.63
4949Hip 778581.185.38
4A4AHip 790501.225.35
4B4BHip 785750.276.07
4C4CHip 793021.575.09
4D4DHip 779850.086.21
55τ/23 Sco (Paikauhale)4.592.82
5050Hip 819920.375.99
5151Hip 803991.165.40
5252Hip 799800.985.53
66ε/26 Sco (Larawag)5.292.29
606027 Sco1.055.48
6161Hip 817410.575.84
6262H Sco2.784.18
6363k Sco1.914.83
6464Hip 833361.655.03
6565Hip 837060.166.15
6666N Sco2.704.24
6767Hip 842260.435.95
77μ¹ Sco (Xamidimura)4.353.00
7070μ² Sco (Pipirima)3.603.56
7171Hip 824530.236.10
7272Hip 831000.296.05
7373Hip 819040.296.05
7474Hip 821351.055.48
7575Hip 834910.485.91
7676Hip 815230.455.93
7777Hip 832350.435.95
7878Hip 836930.395.98
7979Hip 806720.645.79
88ζ² Sco3.523.62
8080η Sco3.923.32
8181ζ¹ Sco2.094.70
8282Hip 827160.575.84
8383Hip 826910.276.07
8484Hip 826761.085.46
8585Hip 826500.435.95
8686Hip 827750.655.78
8787Hip 824931.385.23
8888Hip 829110.126.18
8989Hip 819720.845.64
8A8AHip 836500.126.18
8B8BHip 840331.615.06
8C8CHip 841500.815.66
8D8DHip 846900.685.76
8E8EHip 834810.276.07
8F8FHip 851621.565.10
99θ Sco (Sargas)5.861.86
9090Hip 863110.246.09
9191Hip 868470.535.87
9292Hip 858890.575.84
9393Hip 857880.316.04
9494Hip 853891.325.28
9595Hip 874040.246.09
9696Hip 878461.894.85
9797GJ 6661.065.47
AAι¹ Sco4.362.99
A0A0κ Sco5.162.39
A1A1ι² Sco1.984.78
A2A2Hip 873900.445.94
A3A3Hip 875230.116.19
A4A4Hip 879361.854.88
A5A5Q Sco2.674.26
A6A6Hip 890990.555.86
BBλ/35 Sco (Shaula)6.181.62
B0B0υ/34 Sco (Lesath)4.742.70
B1B1Hip 855430.395.98
B2B2Hip 862460.016.26
B3B3Hip 850480.485.91
B4B4Hip 858390.156.16
B5B5Hip 852370.176.14
B6B6GJ 6670.485.91
B7B7Hip 844890.246.09
B8B8Hip 844250.435.95
B9B9Hip 860110.775.69
BABAHip 865270.356.01
BBBBHip 844010.895.60
BCBCHip 845510.985.53
CCβ/27 Lib (Zubeneschamali)4.862.61
C0C0γ/38 Lib (Zubenelhakrabi)3.143.91
C1C1ε/31 Lib1.794.92
C2C2Hip 753520.735.72
C3C3Hip 751270.975.54
C4C4δ/19 Lib1.814.91
C5C537 Lib2.214.61
C6C6Hip 762431.485.16
C7C718 Lib0.525.88
C8C8ο/29 Lib0.176.14
C9C9ζ¹/32 Lib0.845.64
CACAζ³/34 Lib0.605.82
CBCB26 Lib0.126.18
CCCCζ⁴/35 Lib0.985.53
CDCD28 Lib0.156.16
CECEη/44 Lib1.145.41
CFCFHip 776890.096.20
DDα²/9 Lib (Zubenelgenubi)4.682.75
D0D0α¹/8 Lib1.495.15
D1D1μ/7 Lib1.265.32
D2D2Hip 727020.006.27
D3D3ν/21 Lib1.445.19
D4D4ξ¹/13 Lib0.655.78
D5D5ξ²/15 Lib1.055.48
D6D6Hip 714690.096.20
D7D7Hip 723100.296.05
D8D8λ/100 Vir (Khambalia)2.334.52
D9D9ι¹/24 Lib2.304.54
DADAι²/25 Lib0.276.07
EEσ/20 Lib (Brachium)4.013.25
E0E0Hip 742390.695.75
E1E112 Lib1.335.27
E2E2Hip 745390.575.84
E3E359 Hya0.825.65
E4E460 Hya0.595.83
E5E5Hip 739270.196.13
E6E6Hip 724880.785.68
E7E756 Hya1.385.23
E8E855 Hya0.885.61
E9E957 Hya0.685.76
EAEAHip 747321.005.52
EBEBE/58 Hya2.464.42
ECECm/54 Hya1.495.15
EDEDGJ 5700.735.72
EEEEHip 722100.635.80
EFEF4 Lib0.765.70
FFυ/39 Lib3.553.60
F0F0τ/40 Lib3.473.66
F1F136 Lib1.525.13
F2F2Hip 765030.116.19
F3F3Hip 761430.016.26
F4F442 Lib1.734.97
F5F5f/2 Lup2.554.35
F6F6Hip 765320.645.79
F7F7Hip 749290.126.18