lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Ibex (kubrÌ.)

The Ibex, Capricornus in our nomenclature, is actually a goat–fish hybrid that has been haunting European legends for a long time.

One story tells about the Ibex suffering because it didn’t know whether it belonged to the sea or the land. The Dolphin tried to persuade it to stay in the oceans, while the Lynx praised life in the snowy mountains. The Merman intervened by pouring a steady stream of water between the Lynx and the Ibex, so the latter wouldn’t hear the former’s words.

See also kubrà. in the dictionary.

The 70 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11β¹/9 Cap (Dabih)4.283.05
1010β² Cap0.246.09
1111Hip 1012210.236.10
1212GJ 41470.216.11
1313ρ/11 Cap1.994.77
1414π/10 Cap1.585.08
1515Hip 1016080.116.19
1616σ/7 Cap1.325.28
1717ο/12 Cap0.445.94
1818τ/14 Cap1.375.24
1919Hip 1020260.645.79
1A1Ag/61 Sgr1.685.01
1B1Bυ/15 Cap1.495.15
1C1C4 Cap0.555.86
1D1DHip 985750.356.01
22α²/6 Cap (Algedi)3.583.58
2020α¹/5 Cap2.624.30
2121ν/8 Cap (Alshat)1.994.77
2222ξ²/2 Cap0.575.84
2323Hip 992210.126.18
242463 Sgr0.775.69
2525GJ 773.30.535.87
33γ/40 Cap (Nashira)3.433.69
3030κ/43 Cap2.064.72
3131ε/39 Cap2.344.51
3232Hip 1072380.056.23
44δ/49 Cap (Deneb Algedi)4.552.85
404045 Cap0.415.96
414144 Cap0.525.88
424242 Cap1.485.16
4343Hip 1079010.116.19
4444μ/51 Cap1.585.08
4545λ/48 Cap0.935.57
4646Hip 1084940.286.06
55ζ/34 Cap3.323.77
5050b/36 Cap2.354.50
5151Hip 1055760.855.63
525235 Cap0.655.78
535333 Cap1.185.38
545437 Cap0.765.70
5555φ/28 Cap1.465.17
565641 Cap1.375.24
57578 PsA0.725.73
6060θ/23 Cap2.914.08
6161Hip 1042970.126.18
6262Hip 1037030.276.07
6363Hip 1034600.515.89
646420 Cap0.016.26
6565η/22 Cap1.934.82
666619 Cap0.655.78
6767Hip 1035450.435.95
686827 Cap0.036.25
6969χ/25 Cap1.295.30
6A6AHip 1027800.096.20
7070ι/32 Cap2.654.28
717130 Cap1.165.40
7272Hip 1049140.296.05
737329 Cap1.285.31
747418 Aqr1.055.48
8080ψ/16 Cap2.844.13
8181Hip 1027720.555.86
828217 Cap0.485.91
8383Hip 1010900.196.13
8484Hip 1007380.555.86
8585GJ 7850.725.73
9090ω/18 Cap2.864.12
9191GJ 8110.765.70
9292Hip 1037770.316.04
9393Hip 1039020.036.25
9494A/24 Cap2.374.49