lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Bear (vmlÌv.)

The Bear corresponds to our constellation Ursa Major, the greater bear.

It is looking west; the seven bright stars of the plough or big dipper make up the small of its back and (defying biology) its tail. The rest of its body, its head (ο Ursae Majoris or Muscida) and its legs can be easily seen on clear nights, making for an impressive figure.

Countless stories have been associated with the Bear. In one, it used to be a nymph that was transformed by a jealous goddess. According to another, the Prince beat it in a boxing match to teach it manners.

See also vmlàv. in the dictionary.

The 141 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/50 UMa (Dubhe)5.931.81
101042 UMa0.935.57
1111Hip 560350.595.83
1212Hip 555640.336.02
1313GJ 431.11.085.46
1414Hip 514480.276.07
151538 UMa1.535.12
1616GJ 93271.774.94
22β/48 UMa (Merak)5.222.34
202043 UMa0.815.66
212144 UMa1.535.12
222239 UMa0.645.79
2323Hip 557970.725.73
242437 UMa1.485.16
2525Hip 521360.965.55
262636 UMa1.934.82
2727Hip 537060.076.22
2828Hip 506350.356.01
33γ/64 UMa (Phecda)5.132.41
3030Hip 574771.335.27
3131Hip 565100.855.63
3232Hip 597080.126.18
3333Hip 599200.635.80
34345 CVn2.014.76
44δ/69 UMa (Megrez)3.923.32
404070 UMa0.975.54
414171 UMa0.605.82
424273 UMa0.785.68
434374 UMa1.205.37
444475 UMa0.276.07
454566 UMa0.595.83
4646Hip 582590.076.22
4747Hip 589890.176.14
484876 UMa0.336.02
55ε/77 UMa (Alioth)5.991.76
505078 UMa1.784.93
5151Hip 631430.575.84
5252GJ 94170.595.83
5353Hip 610530.096.20
54547 CVn0.086.21
5555Hip 639520.166.15
5656Hip 624020.525.88
575711 CVn0.036.25
66ζ/79 UMa (Mizar)5.372.23
6060g/80 UMa (Alcor)3.033.99
616181 UMa0.895.60
626283 UMa2.184.63
636382 UMa1.085.46
646484 UMa0.785.68
656586 UMa0.765.70
6666Hip 657281.165.40
77η/85 UMa (Alkaid)5.871.85
707024 CVn2.114.68
7171Hip 670050.336.02
7272Hip 686370.156.16
737313 Boo1.345.26
747421 CVn1.505.14
7575Hip 655500.525.88
88ι/9 UMa (Talitha)4.193.12
8080κ/12 UMa (Alkaphrah)3.593.57
8181Hip 446131.055.48
8282Hip 439230.735.72
8383Hip 427770.086.21
8484Hip 435530.415.96
8585Hip 455900.415.96
868634 Lyn1.225.35
99θ/25 UMa4.123.17
909026 UMa2.394.47
9191Hip 458360.176.14
9292e/18 UMa1.954.80
9393f/15 UMa2.414.46
9494φ/30 UMa2.294.55
959531 UMa1.335.27
9696Hip 445040.715.74
9797Hip 493630.745.71
AAλ/33 UMa (Tania Borealis)3.753.45
A0A0μ/34 UMa (Tania Australis)4.273.06
A1A1GJ 93260.725.73
A2A2Hip 512000.366.00
A3A3Hip 516582.064.72
A4A419 LMi1.545.11
A5A532 LMi0.645.79
A6A6Hip 505460.366.00
A7A7GJ 3681.585.08
BBψ/52 UMa4.353.00
B0B0Hip 545370.515.89
B1B1Hip 537811.065.47
B2B2Hip 537910.326.03
B3B356 UMa1.704.99
B4B4ω/45 UMa2.144.66
B5B5Hip 534650.326.03
B6B658 UMa0.445.94
B7B747 UMa (Chalawan)1.655.03
B8B8Hip 524691.455.18
B9B9Hip 550860.525.88
BABA57 UMa1.295.30
CCχ/63 UMa (Taiyangshou)3.433.69
C0C060 UMa0.246.09
C1C1Hip 567310.176.14
C2C259 UMa0.945.56
C3C367 UMa1.405.22
C4C43 CVn1.325.28
DDο/1 UMa (Muscida)3.883.35
D0D029 Lyn0.855.63
D1D1Hip 407720.725.73
D2D2b/5 UMa0.735.72
D3D330 Lyn0.515.89
D4D453 Cam0.336.02
D5D5Hip 399950.485.91
D6D6π²/4 UMa2.234.59
D7D7Hip 392210.655.78
D8D8Hip 393400.246.09
D9D9π¹/3 UMa0.855.63
DADAA/2 UMa1.065.47
DBDBHip 403050.525.88
DCDCHip 416760.515.89
DDDD51 Cam0.455.93
DEDEHip 402151.245.34
DFDFHip 365280.855.63
EEh/23 UMa3.483.65
E0E0Hip 462470.046.24
E1E1τ/14 UMa2.134.67
E2E2Hip 477910.126.18
E3E3c/16 UMa1.455.18
E4E46 UMa0.935.57
E5E5Hip 474010.415.96
E6E6σ¹/11 UMa1.495.15
E7E7σ²/13 UMa1.954.80
E8E832 UMa0.715.74
E9E9ρ/8 UMa2.034.74
EAEAHip 432660.096.20
EBEBHip 475940.735.72
ECECd/24 UMa2.304.54
FFυ/29 UMa3.313.78
F0F0Hip 488020.405.97
F1F1Hip 479651.575.09
F2F2Hip 490051.025.50
F3F3U UMa0.126.18
F4F4Hip 459150.645.79
F5F517 UMa1.325.28