lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Fishes (pyskdwÌ.)

The Fishes (literally ‘two fish’) correspond to our constellation of the same name, Pisces. The two fish proper are located at the western and northern ends of the constellation; they are connected by two ribbons or leashes meeting at the star α Piscium (Alrescha).

According to legend, the western fish will grant you the gift of understanding foreign languages if you catch it, and the northern fish will give you a great day. This didn’t work for the Princess.

See also pàsk. in the dictionary.

The 126 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/113 Psc (Alrescha)3.263.82
1010112 Psc0.515.89
1111Hip 89980.356.01
1212ξ/111 Psc2.214.61
131360 Cet1.135.42
141461 Cet0.415.96
1515Hip 84040.485.91
1616Hip 107230.895.60
1717ν/106 Psc2.424.45
181864 Cet0.845.64
1919ξ¹/65 Cet2.544.36
22η/99 Psc (Alpherg)3.523.62
2020101 Psc0.056.23
2121105 Psc0.395.98
2222Hip 74470.435.95
232397 Psc0.356.01
2424Hip 73590.495.90
2525π/102 Psc0.975.54
262687 Psc0.405.97
2727Hip 54830.276.07
2828Hip 85880.475.92
2929ο/110 Psc (Torcular)2.674.26
33δ/31 And3.993.27
3030ε/30 And2.574.34
3131π/29 And2.574.34
3232Hip 24750.525.88
3333h/68 Psc1.105.44
3434Hip 50340.096.20
44γ/6 Psc3.423.70
4040b/7 Psc1.625.05
4141A/5 Psc1.135.42
4242κ/8 Psc1.754.95
43439 Psc0.016.26
4444β/4 Psc (Fumalsamakah)2.384.48
4545θ/10 Psc2.664.27
4646Hip 1136220.565.85
474716 Psc0.785.68
48482 Psc1.125.43
49493 Psc0.076.22
4A4A59 Peg1.495.15
4B4B57 Peg1.625.05
4C4C1 Psc0.216.11
4D4D14 Psc0.485.91
4E4Eλ/18 Psc2.374.49
5050ω/28 Psc2.984.03
515126 Psc0.076.22
5252c/32 Psc0.765.70
535380 Peg0.675.77
5454Hip 1169180.515.89
555522 Psc0.905.59
565635 Psc0.336.02
575782 Peg1.295.30
585836 Psc0.206.12
5959TX/19 Psc1.754.95
5A5Aι/17 Psc2.844.13
5B5B77 Peg1.575.09
5C5Cd/41 Psc1.185.38
5D5DHip 1167680.375.99
5E5E21 Psc0.675.77
5F5FHip 14210.116.19
6060δ/63 Psc2.434.44
616162 Psc0.475.92
626260 Psc0.395.98
6363GJ 330.715.74
646451 Psc0.775.69
656558 Psc1.015.51
6666Hip 22350.296.05
676757 Psc1.215.36
686844 Psc0.675.77
696914 Cet0.445.94
6A6A20 Cet1.984.78
7070ε/71 Psc2.664.27
7171Hip 46550.176.14
727273 Psc0.326.03
7373e/80 Psc1.015.51
7474ζ/86 Psc (Revati)1.415.21
757588 Psc0.316.04
767675 Psc0.176.14
7777f/89 Psc1.525.13
787833 Cet0.405.97
7979Hip 68680.076.22
7A7A26 Cet0.286.06
7B7Bμ/98 Psc1.904.84
7C7CHip 64320.086.21
8080χ/84 Psc2.144.66
8181ψ²/79 Psc0.945.56
8282ψ¹/74 Psc1.255.33
8383ψ³/81 Psc0.935.57
8484Hip 64920.405.97
8585φ/85 Psc2.134.67
8686ρ/93 Psc1.225.35
878794 Psc1.025.50
8888Hip 66690.126.18
898966 Psc0.635.80
8A8AHip 54940.615.81
8B8B72 Psc0.845.64
8C8Cυ/90 Psc2.034.74
8D8D64 Psc1.605.07
9090ζ/34 And2.914.08
9191Hip 32690.286.06
9292Hip 43170.116.19
939336 And1.085.46
9494Hip 29260.126.18
9595η/38 And2.494.40
969655 Psc1.215.36
9797i/65 Psc0.965.55
9898k/67 Psc0.256.08
999954 Psc0.525.88
9A9A59 Psc0.216.11
9B9B52 Psc1.185.38
A0A028 And1.425.20
A1A1Hip 25830.016.26
A2A2Hip 16300.515.89
A3A3Hip 14930.525.88
A4A4Hip 16570.645.79
B0B0σ/25 And2.344.51
B1B1ρ/27 And1.485.16
B2B2θ/24 And2.214.61
B3B3GJ 60.086.21
B4B4GJ 30020.246.09
B5B5Hip 11230.076.22
B6B6Hip 29421.095.45
B7B723 And0.745.71
B8B8GJ 43840.615.81
B9B9Hip 1175030.555.86
BABAHip 1168240.046.24