lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Exercise 3 in unit 12

We eat in the hotel [and that’s a law of nature].
(three possibilities; which is the best here?)


mìl venÌ ìvy gmilkÌar vxÌzde. (This is the best possibility: We eat inside the hotel.)
make-cons1 PIn−2-partnom-acc2 eat-dat-acc2 outside-cons-opposition-acc-loc3 hotel-acc-nom4.
mìl venÌ ìvy qmìarn vxÌzdy. (This might be used to include, say, the hotel’s patio. The compounded form is also possible.)
make-cons1 PIn−2-partnom-acc2 eat-dat-acc2 group-dat-partloc3 hotel-acc-acc4.
mìl venÌ ìvy vxÌzdor. (The agent-centred scenic case is somewhat incongruent when we want to express it’s a law of nature.)
make-cons1 PIn−2-partnom-acc2 eat-dat-acc2 hotel-acc-sce3.
(The non-agentive ‘we’ indicates it’s not our law, but this is merely a trifle.)