lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Charioteer (rèt.)

The Charioteer (literally ‘steerer’) corresponds to our constellation Auriga. His chariot is drawn by the Bull. He is carrying a goat (α Aurigae or Capella) and her three kids (the triangle formed by the stars ε, ζ and η Aurigae just south of Capella) as a gift to the Prince.

The goat Capella is said to have breast-fed the Wise One when he was an infant.

See also ràt. in the dictionary.

The 92 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/13 Aur (Capella)8.230.08
1010Hip 241090.805.67
1111Hip 263150.236.10
1212Hip 225450.845.64
13139 Aur1.714.98
1414Hip 229360.695.75
22ι/3 Aur (Hassaleh)4.762.69
2020Hip 224070.575.84
2121Hip 223930.935.57
2222Hip 229550.236.10
2323Hip 235830.176.14
24242 Aur1.974.79
2525Hip 226970.405.97
2626Hip 210380.126.18
2727Hip 218190.725.73
2828Hip 213230.525.88
2929Hip 207041.305.29
33θ/37 Aur (Mahasim)4.812.65
3030υ/31 Aur2.064.72
313140 Aur1.225.35
3333Hip 277780.316.04
3434Hip 288610.056.23
3535Hip 286440.056.23
3636Hip 294510.655.78
3737Hip 279730.495.90
3838Hip 285170.126.18
44β/34 Aur (Menkalinan)5.811.90
4040Hip 284380.086.21
4141π/35 Aur2.624.30
424238 Aur0.256.08
434339 Aur0.495.90
444436 Aur0.745.71
4545Hip 290250.166.15
4646Hip 285620.395.98
474741 Aur0.655.78
4848ψ¹/46 Aur1.794.92
55ε/7 Aur (Almaaz)4.313.03
5050Hip 237990.096.20
5151Hip 228420.286.06
5252Hip 226990.785.68
535359 Per1.295.30
5454m/57 Per0.246.09
66ζ/8 Aur (Saclateni)3.433.69
6060Hip 235110.216.11
61615 Aur0.435.95
6262Hip 222200.375.99
6363ω/4 Aur1.784.93
6464Hip 220340.246.09
6565Hip 224531.834.89
6666e/58 Per2.684.25
6767Hip 218470.405.97
6868Hip 211080.036.25
77η/10 Aur (Haedus)4.113.18
7070Hip 247710.076.22
7171Hip 249021.085.46
7272λ/15 Aur2.104.69
7373Hip 247380.965.55
7474ρ/20 Aur1.405.22
7575μ/11 Aur1.934.82
7676Hip 251430.975.54
7777Hip 240720.336.02
7878Hip 258160.375.99
88δ/33 Aur3.393.72
8080Hip 283900.176.14
8181ξ/30 Aur1.744.96
828226 Cam0.455.93
8383GJ 2110.086.21
848424 Cam0.296.05
8585Hip 263440.715.74
868645 Aur1.245.34
8787Hip 295690.276.07
8888Hip 283430.495.90
8989Hip 286370.316.04
8A8Aο/27 Aur1.085.46
8B8BHip 244510.156.16
99ν/32 Aur3.063.97
9090τ/29 Aur2.344.51
9191Hip 263630.256.08
A0A016 Aur2.304.54
A1A1AR/17 Aur0.166.15
A2A2Hip 247991.185.38
A3A319 Aur1.625.05
A4A414 Aur1.685.01
A5A5AE Aur0.375.99
A6A6Hip 254750.126.18
A7A7Hip 254710.475.92
A8A8φ/24 Aur1.585.08
A9A9Hip 254760.136.17
AAAAχ/25 Aur2.074.71
ABABHip 260710.006.27
ACACσ/21 Aur1.665.02