lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Bull (strÌ.)

The Charioteer’s Bull is identical to our constellation Taurus. It is looking towards the viewer, one forefoot raised, horns pointing northeast, as if it were trying to jump over the ecliptic or over the lunar orbit. As the Lemizh word strÌ. is gender neutral, it might also be a cow.

Star numbers starting with B were originally assigned to the Guests or Pleiades, which is now a separate constellation. Therefore, there are no such numbers in the Bull.

See also strà. in the dictionary.

The 157 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/87 Tau (Aldebaran)7.180.87
101089 Tau0.655.78
1111σ²/92 Tau2.134.67
1212σ¹/91 Tau1.585.08
1313Hip 212510.046.24
1414Hip 221760.375.99
151596 Tau0.246.09
1616c¹/90 Tau2.664.27
171793 Tau1.095.45
1818ο¹/4 Ori2.074.71
1919Hip 229130.645.79
1A1Aο²/9 Ori2.944.06
1B1BHip 231610.176.14
22β/112 Tau (Elnath)6.141.65
2020Hip 257300.096.20
2121Hip 250010.815.66
2222Hip 254920.775.69
2323Hip 262910.006.27
2424Hip 252910.445.94
2525Hip 266060.395.98
2626Hip 263960.595.83
272726 Aur1.165.40
2828118 Tau1.065.47
2929Hip 240190.455.93
2A2A125 Tau1.455.18
2B2BHip 267120.316.04
2C2CHip 267180.056.23
2D2DHip 276290.895.60
2E2E136 Tau2.274.56
33ζ/123 Tau (Tianguan)4.392.97
3030Hip 260720.116.19
3131Hip 269640.056.23
3232o/114 Tau1.854.88
3333Hip 274210.326.03
3434121 Tau1.205.37
3535Hip 277470.415.96
3636χ¹/54 Ori2.504.39
3737130 Tau1.065.47
383857 Ori0.475.92
3939132 Tau1.854.88
3A3A126 Tau1.904.84
3B3B129 Tau0.366.00
44γ/54 Tau (Prima Hyadum)3.483.65
404058 Tau1.345.26
4141h/57 Tau0.925.58
424260 Tau0.735.72
4343Hip 202840.166.15
4444Hip 196410.246.09
4545Hip 192610.336.02
4646Hip 197360.036.25
4747Hip 192840.515.89
55δ¹/61 Tau (Secunda Hyadum)3.323.77
5050δ²/64 Tau1.954.80
5151δ³/68 Tau2.624.30
525263 Tau0.845.64
5353Hip 202550.216.11
66ε/74 Tau (Ain)3.643.53
6060Hip 206140.405.97
6161Hip 204930.366.00
6262Hip 204170.485.91
6363Hip 208420.735.72
6464Hip 216040.565.85
656553 Tau1.025.50
6666ω²/50 Tau1.784.93
6767κ²/67 Tau1.335.27
6868κ¹/65 Tau2.744.21
696956 Tau1.245.34
6A6Aυ/69 Tau2.654.28
6B6B72 Tau0.985.53
6C6CHip 214590.356.01
6D6Dτ/94 Tau2.664.27
6E6EHip 216890.086.21
77θ²/78 Tau (Chamukuy)3.813.40
7070θ¹/77 Tau3.233.84
717180 Tau0.925.58
727275 Tau1.744.96
737381 Tau1.065.47
7474GJ 170.11.984.78
757571 Tau2.384.48
767685 Tau0.356.01
777776 Tau0.495.90
7878π/73 Tau2.104.69
7979ρ/86 Tau2.154.65
7A7A83 Tau1.165.40
7B7Bb/79 Tau1.665.02
88ο/1 Tau3.543.61
8080Hip 163580.455.93
8181Hip 147640.405.97
8282Hip 140360.455.93
99ξ/2 Tau3.383.73
9090t/6 Tau0.685.76
9191s/4 Tau1.505.14
9292Hip 158500.326.03
9393f/5 Tau2.834.14
9494Hip 148210.216.11
AAλ/35 Tau3.803.41
A0A0Hip 193760.445.94
A1A1Hip 188050.805.67
A2A2e/30 Tau1.585.08
A3A3Hip 181700.405.97
CCν/38 Tau3.143.91
C0C040 Tau1.265.32
C1C1Hip 184810.246.09
C2C245 Tau0.745.71
C3C3Hip 189751.095.45
C4C431 Tau0.815.66
C5C5Hip 189931.215.36
C6C6Hip 175950.485.91
C7C7u/29 Tau1.245.34
C8C8GJ 1591.185.38
C9C912 Tau0.965.55
CACAHip 178050.485.91
CBCB25 Eri0.945.56
CCCCHip 168460.605.82
CDCD24 Eri1.375.24
CECE10 Tau2.634.29
D0D0μ/49 Tau2.664.27
D1D147 Tau1.904.84
D2D2Hip 197991.405.22
D3D346 Tau1.305.29
D4D4Hip 197200.046.24
D5D5r/66 Tau1.565.10
D6D6Hip 207150.286.06
D7D7Hip 202680.685.76
D8D8Hip 208040.535.87
D9D9Hip 212690.356.01
E0E0ι/102 Tau2.194.62
E1E1Hip 235890.096.20
E2E2105 Tau0.575.84
E3E3l/106 Tau1.325.28
E4E499 Tau0.645.79
E5E5103 Tau1.025.50
E6E6108 Tau0.016.26
E7E7m/104 Tau1.814.91
E8E8k/98 Tau0.645.79
E9E9n/109 Tau1.744.96
EAEAi/97 Tau1.585.08
EBEBHip 230431.015.51
ECEC95 Tau0.126.18
EDED15 Ori1.944.81
EEEE11 Ori2.154.65
F0F0111 Tau1.695.00
F1F1110 Tau0.246.09
F2F2113 Tau0.056.23
F3F3117 Tau0.675.77
F4F4115 Tau1.165.40
F5F5116 Tau1.005.52
F6F6Hip 259501.025.50
F7F7CE/119 Tau2.594.32
F8F8Hip 255020.126.18
F9F9120 Tau0.805.67
FAFAHip 257900.455.93
FBFBHip 249770.096.20
FCFCHip 248200.206.12
FDFD122 Tau0.985.53
FEFEHip 241971.455.18
FFFF35 Ori0.895.60