lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Lion (lÌw.)

This is the Lion, or Leo as we call the constellation, who killed the Witch. Some legends call him the many coloured death. He is depicted as a male lion in resting poise, looking west.

See also làw. in the dictionary.

The 87 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

The star with negative Lemizh brightness is a variable that is visible to the naked eye when at its brightest, but invisible on average.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/32 Leo (Regulus)6.531.36
1010A/31 Leo2.504.39
1111ν/27 Leo1.345.26
121237 Leo1.135.42
1313π/29 Leo2.114.68
1414Hip 488760.296.05
22θ/70 Leo (Chertan)3.913.33
2020n/73 Leo1.285.31
212181 Leo0.925.58
222285 Leo0.715.74
33β/94 Leo (Denebola)5.492.14
3030Hip 576060.495.90
3131Hip 576460.296.05
3232o/95 Leo0.985.53
333390 Leo0.435.95
343493 Leo2.354.50
3535A²/6 Vir0.925.58
3636A¹/4 Vir1.285.31
37376 Com1.575.09
3838ο/9 Vir2.864.12
393912 Vir0.565.85
44δ/68 Leo (Zosma)4.932.56
404072 Leo2.274.56
4141b/60 Leo2.464.42
424267 Leo0.765.70
434386 Leo0.975.54
4444Hip 534720.136.17
454554 Leo2.624.30
464692 Leo1.345.26
474748 LMi0.116.19
4848Hip 572400.336.02
55γ¹/41 Leo (Algieba)5.662.01
505040 Leo1.984.78
5151Hip 511610.166.15
5252GJ 35890.336.02
5353Hip 525130.006.27
5454m/51 Leo1.025.50
66η/30 Leo3.713.48
606042 Leo0.156.16
77ε/17 Leo (Algenubi)4.392.97
7070g/22 Leo1.305.29
717113 Leo0.016.26
7272Hip 469380.016.26
737320 Leo0.236.10
7474λ/4 Leo (Alterf)2.594.32
7575κ/1 Leo2.394.47
88μ/24 Leo (Rasalas)3.183.88
8080Hip 489820.695.75
8181f/15 Leo0.845.64
99ζ/36 Leo (Adhafera)3.773.43
909035 Leo0.435.95
919139 Leo0.615.81
9292Hip 503360.575.84
9393Hip 492200.785.68
9494Hip 501090.296.05
959523 LMi1.045.49
969641 LMi1.585.08
979740 LMi1.015.51
AAο/14 Leo (Subra)3.663.52
A0A0R Leo−5.4210.35
A1A1h/6 Leo1.605.07
A2A218 Leo0.805.67
A3A3ξ/5 Leo1.704.99
A4A410 Leo1.695.00
A5A5ω/2 Leo1.165.40
A6A6Hip 479430.635.80
A7A73 Leo0.735.72
A8A8Hip 487340.565.85
A9A9ψ/16 Leo1.215.36
AAAAHip 485190.495.90
ABABHip 473102.114.68
ACAC4 Sex0.046.24
ADAD8 Leo0.725.73
BBρ/47 Leo3.233.84
B0B049 Leo0.805.67
B1B145 Leo0.356.01
B2B244 Leo0.885.61
B3B348 Leo1.605.07
B4B443 Leo0.286.06
B5B5l/53 Leo1.265.32
B6B646 Leo1.125.43
B7B7k/52 Leo1.045.49
CCι/78 Leo3.024.00
C0C0Hip 557160.635.80
C1C1Hip 567560.126.18
C2C2ω/1 Vir1.375.24
C3C3ξ/2 Vir1.904.84