lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Witch (trèw.)

The Witch is the constellation we call Virgo, the virgin. She is depicted as driving in a sledge in a southeasterly direction. The star μ Virginis is the tip of her whip.

Legend has it that she commissioned the craftsman (the Mechanic) to make her a crown and a Trumpet, and that she later quarreled with the Lion and was killed by him.

See also tràw. in the dictionary.

The 118 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/67 Vir (Spica)7.030.98
1010i/68 Vir1.335.27
1111h/76 Vir1.415.21
1212y Vir0.475.92
131350 Vir0.435.95
141449 Vir1.495.15
151575 Vir1.005.52
1616g Vir0.935.57
1717m/82 Vir1.655.03
181869 Vir2.014.76
191972 Vir0.236.10
1A1Al/74 Vir2.114.68
1B1B86 Vir1.025.50
1C1CHip 672710.316.04
1D1D53 Vir1.645.04
1E1Eθ/51 Vir2.514.38
1F1FHip 629830.366.00
22ζ/79 Vir (Heze)3.843.38
2020Hip 655450.405.97
2121Hip 651980.775.69
2222o/78 Vir1.794.92
232384 Vir1.225.35
242480 Vir0.765.70
2525Hip 651190.016.26
2626p/90 Vir1.485.16
272765 Vir0.525.88
282866 Vir0.685.76
292992 Vir0.495.90
2A2A64 Vir0.515.89
2B2Bτ/93 Vir2.714.23
2C2CHip 675450.366.00
2D2DHip 687070.046.24
2E2EHip 668600.156.16
2F2FHip 686870.036.25
33δ/43 Vir (Minelauva)3.833.39
303037 Vir0.336.02
3131d¹/31 Vir0.935.57
3232d²/32 Vir1.405.22
3333σ/60 Vir1.984.78
3434Hip 611030.296.05
44γ/29 Vir (Porrima)4.692.74
4040Hip 621030.485.91
4141Hip 616580.785.68
424238 Vir0.216.11
4343Hip 611340.116.19
4444f/25 Vir0.525.88
4545Hip 624210.006.27
4646k/44 Vir0.645.79
474746 Vir0.375.99
4848χ/26 Vir2.144.66
4949ψ/40 Vir1.994.77
55η/15 Vir (Zaniah)3.163.89
505013 Vir0.495.90
515110 Vir0.435.95
5252c/16 Vir1.734.97
5353Hip 608130.056.23
66β/5 Vir (Zavijava)3.563.59
6060Hip 576290.166.15
6161Hip 584450.126.18
6262b/7 Vir1.215.36
6363ν/3 Vir2.964.04
6464π/8 Vir2.154.65
656511 Vir0.735.72
77ε/47 Vir (Vindemiatrix)4.552.85
7070Hip 641790.645.79
717141 Vir0.036.25
7272Hip 644450.685.76
7373Hip 646070.845.64
747434 Vir0.216.11
7575e/59 Vir1.445.19
767633 Vir0.825.65
777729 Com0.745.71
7878ρ/30 Vir1.854.88
797927 Vir0.076.22
7A7A71 Vir0.825.65
7B7BHip 658620.126.18
88π/49 Hya4.013.25
8080Hip 685811.065.47
8181Hip 694580.056.23
828250 Hya1.605.07
838348 Hya0.675.77
848447 Hya1.425.20
8585GJ 542.10.535.87
8686Hip 696230.236.10
8787Hip 678900.296.05
8888k/51 Hya1.984.78
8989Hip 681770.176.14
8A8AHip 675230.116.19
8B8BHip 704691.245.34
8C8CHip 671430.615.81
8D8DHip 670710.086.21
8E8El/52 Hya1.734.97
8F8FHip 665630.615.81
909089 Vir1.744.96
919187 Vir1.145.41
929283 Vir0.965.55
939385 Vir0.126.18
949473 Vir0.356.01
9595Hip 692691.784.93
9696Hip 696580.985.53
9797Hip 697920.076.22
9898CS Vir0.555.86
AAμ/107 Vir3.193.87
A0A016 Lib2.394.47
A1A1106 Vir1.135.42
A2A211 Lib1.784.93
A3A3104 Vir0.126.18
A4A4Hip 733090.256.08
A5A5φ/105 Vir (Elgafar)1.944.81
A6A6Hip 734971.005.52
A7A7ι/99 Vir (Syrma)2.924.07
A8A8υ/102 Vir1.505.14
A9A9Hip 697470.166.15
AAAA2 Lib0.076.22
ABABκ/98 Vir (Kang)2.784.18
ACAC95 Vir1.085.46
ADADHip 694930.515.89
AEAEHip 679530.116.19