lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Twins (dwjÌw.)

The Twins, or Gemini as we call them, are a youthful pair of brothers, excellent horsemen, and often described as sons of a god. They are benevolent and helpful; in this scene, they are holding the Crab by one of its hind legs to keep it from holding up the Runner.

See also dwjàw. in the dictionary.

The 137 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11β/78 Gem (Pollux)6.791.16
1010σ/75 Gem2.714.23
1111φ/83 Gem1.734.97
1212υ/69 Gem2.944.06
1313χ Gem1.774.94
1414Hip 396070.086.21
151515 Cnc0.865.62
22α/66 Gem (Castor)6.231.58
2020Hip 368961.245.34
2121Hip 373390.156.16
2222ρ/62 Gem2.804.16
2323Hip 375800.296.05
2424ο/71 Gem (Jishui)1.834.89
2525π/80 Gem1.505.14
262670 Gem0.925.58
2727Hip 383190.286.06
282865 Aur1.535.12
2929Hip 387230.056.23
2A2AHip 379461.495.15
2B2BHip 373690.675.77
33δ/55 Gem (Wasat)3.683.50
303058 Gem0.136.17
313156 Gem1.575.09
323263 Gem1.425.20
333361 Gem0.445.94
343448 Gem0.565.85
353552 Gem0.575.84
44ζ/43 Gem (Mekbuda)3.004.01
404044 Gem0.366.00
4141Hip 339290.415.96
4242d/36 Gem1.325.28
4343ω/42 Gem1.425.20
55γ/24 Gem (Alhena)5.771.93
5050Hip 310670.126.18
515126 Gem1.425.20
5252Hip 311580.016.26
5353Hip 308150.046.24
5454Hip 312770.935.57
555533 Gem0.535.87
66λ/54 Gem3.583.58
606051 Gem1.605.07
616145 Gem1.065.47
6262Hip 363400.056.23
6363Hip 366161.095.45
6464Hip 339370.555.86
656568 Gem1.335.27
6666Hip 339140.655.78
676741 Gem0.725.73
6868Hip 350050.745.71
6969f/74 Gem1.645.04
6A6AHip 374040.056.23
6B6BHip 375210.965.55
77ξ/31 Gem (Alzirr)3.883.35
707030 Gem2.374.49
7171Hip 318760.375.99
727235 Gem0.785.68
7373Hip 320120.116.19
7474e/38 Gem2.054.73
7575Hip 334650.016.26
7676S/15 Mon2.144.66
7777Hip 311680.256.08
7878Hip 311191.405.22
7979Hip 310660.136.17
7A7AHip 333720.495.90
7B7BHip 340550.356.01
7C7CHip 330240.695.75
7D7DHip 340331.505.14
7E7EHip 340020.415.96
88ε/27 Gem (Mebsuta)4.273.06
8080Hip 329680.785.68
818137 Gem0.715.74
828254 Aur0.336.02
8383Hip 318130.246.09
848439 Gem0.096.20
858549 Aur1.345.26
868628 Gem1.135.42
878753 Aur0.685.76
99μ/13 Gem (Tejat)4.522.87
9090Hip 305700.296.05
919116 Gem0.076.22
9292ν/18 Gem2.844.13
AAη/7 Gem (Propus)3.933.31
A0A0Hip 291960.455.93
A1A19 Gem0.046.24
A2A23 Gem0.695.75
A3A38 Gem0.246.09
A4A45 Gem0.595.83
A5A51 Gem2.804.16
A6A668 Ori0.685.76
A7A771 Ori1.425.20
A8A8χ²/62 Ori2.174.64
A9A964 Ori1.505.14
AAAAHip 281540.326.03
ABAB139 Tau1.944.81
ACACHip 285000.316.04
ADADκ/44 Aur2.594.32
AEAEHip 289300.356.01
BBθ/34 Gem3.553.60
B0B0Hip 334210.485.91
B1B1Hip 327400.735.72
B2B2Hip 330440.326.03
B3B3Hip 342670.965.55
B4B4Hip 343580.445.94
B5B5Hip 321900.086.21
B6B662 Aur0.336.02
B7B7WW Aur0.605.82
B8B8Hip 344620.116.19
B9B959 Aur0.236.10
BABAUU Aur1.165.40
BBBB51 Aur0.765.70
BCBCRT/48 Aur0.695.75
CCι/60 Gem3.313.78
C0C059 Gem0.675.77
C1C164 Gem1.605.07
C2C2b/65 Gem1.685.01
C3C353 Gem0.695.75
C4C4A/57 Gem1.645.04
C5C547 Gem0.695.75
C6C6Hip 353450.116.19
C7C7τ/46 Gem2.474.41
C8C8GJ 2620.455.93
DDκ/77 Gem3.593.57
D0D0Hip 372690.126.18
D1D1c/76 Gem1.295.30
D2D282 Gem0.126.18
D3D3Hip 374280.455.93
D4D4Hip 376360.036.25
D5D5ω¹/2 Cnc0.535.87
D6D685 Gem1.185.38
D7D7μ¹/9 Cnc0.415.96
D8D8Hip 383940.326.03
D9D9g/81 Gem1.834.89
DADAψ/14 Cnc0.725.73
DBDBμ²/10 Cnc1.295.30
DCDCHip 395350.086.21
DDDD3 Cnc0.895.60
DEDEHip 389750.296.05