lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Crab (krÌb.)

The Crab, which we call Cancer, is facing east with its pincers extended. The Twins have caught it by one of its hind legs to keep it from injuring the Squirrel or, following another legend, from holding up the Runner.

See also kràb. in the dictionary.

The 67 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11δ/47 Cnc (Asellus Australis)3.103.94
1010θ/31 Cnc1.255.33
1111Hip 439570.136.17
1212d²/25 Cnc0.216.11
1313d¹/20 Cnc0.445.94
141429 Cnc0.445.94
1515Hip 420100.016.26
1616ζ²/16 Cnc (Tegmine)2.134.67
22β/17 Cnc (Tarf)3.643.53
2020Hip 400850.256.08
212121 Cnc0.216.11
2222Hip 413251.525.13
2323Hip 392710.076.22
242427 Cnc0.945.56
2525Hip 388680.326.03
26268 Cnc1.505.14
272712 Cnc0.036.25
2828Hip 387120.555.86
2929Hip 408180.316.04
2A2AHip 400580.076.22
2B2BHip 390670.296.05
2C2CHip 402310.326.03
2D2D5 Cnc0.375.99
2E2E1 Cnc0.635.80
3030σ³/64 Cnc1.385.23
313166 Cnc0.515.89
3232σ²/59 Cnc1.105.44
3333σ¹/51 Cnc0.805.67
3434Hip 434100.076.22
353557 Cnc1.165.40
363661 Cnc0.036.25
3737GJ 334.20.435.95
3838RS Cnc0.316.04
3939τ/72 Cnc1.135.42
3A3AHip 436850.176.14
3B3B33 Lyn0.685.76
3C3C32 Lyn0.096.20
3D3DHip 412620.256.08
4040ι/48 Cnc2.984.03
414153 Cnc0.036.25
4242ρ¹/55 Cnc (Copernicus)0.415.96
434346 Cnc0.206.12
4444ρ²/58 Cnc1.385.23
454567 Cnc0.276.07
4646Hip 425380.086.21
4747Hip 423650.415.96
4848φ¹/22 Cnc0.925.58
494975 Cnc0.435.95
4A4Aχ/18 Cnc1.525.13
5050γ/43 Cnc (Asellus Borealis)2.144.66
5151η/33 Cnc1.255.33
5252υ¹/30 Cnc0.745.71
535328 Cnc0.296.05
5454ν/69 Cnc1.095.45
5555Hip 408660.635.80
5656λ/19 Cnc (Piautos)0.475.92
5757ξ/77 Cnc (Nahn)1.485.16
585879 Cnc0.316.04
6060α/65 Cnc (Acubens)2.674.26
616160 Cnc1.105.44
6262Hip 440100.116.19
6363κ/76 Cnc1.385.23
6464A²/50 Cnc0.515.89
6565ο¹/62 Cnc1.405.22
6666ο²/63 Cnc0.785.68
6767A¹/45 Cnc0.865.62
6868π²/82 Cnc1.215.36