lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Ram (edÌ.)

The Ram, literally called ‘the sheep’, corresponds to our Aries, the golden-woolled ram whose fleece was stolen by the Argonauts. (See the Ship.) He is depicted lying down and with magnificent horns, looking west at the Fishes whom he envies for their power to bestow gifts.

See also edà. in the dictionary.

The 67 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/13 Ari (Hamal)5.662.01
1010κ/12 Ari1.655.03
1111Hip 102960.415.96
1212λ/9 Ari1.974.79
131311 Ari0.356.01
141421 Ari0.935.57
151514 Ari1.714.98
16167 Ari0.685.76
171710 Ari0.845.64
1818η/17 Ari1.385.23
191916 Ari0.356.01
1A1A20 Ari0.645.79
1B1Bθ/22 Ari0.925.58
1C1CHip 115780.096.20
22β/6 Ari (Sheratan)4.822.64
2020Hip 93070.515.89
21211 Ari0.595.83
222215 Ari0.785.68
33γ²/5 Ari (Mesarthim)3.183.88
3030ι/8 Ari1.575.09
3131Hip 96270.046.24
32324 Ari0.555.86
3333107 Psc1.375.24
343419 Ari0.735.72
3535Hip 95330.405.97
3636Hip 92950.246.09
44c/41 Ari (Bharani)3.543.61
404035 Ari2.154.65
414139 Ari (Lilii Borea)2.334.52
424233 Ari1.295.30
4343Hip 131210.515.89
444449 Ari0.485.91
454552 Ari1.095.45
4646Hip 147480.336.02
474755 Ari0.715.74
4848Hip 116700.525.88
494921 Per1.565.10
4A4A56 Ari0.655.78
4B4BHip 114150.176.14
5050π/42 Ari1.345.26
515140 Ari0.595.83
5252ρ²/45 Ari0.685.76
5353ρ³/46 Ari0.925.58
5454ο/37 Ari0.655.78
5555σ/43 Ari1.005.52
5656μ/34 Ari0.715.74
575727 Ari0.086.21
585829 Ari0.366.00
595926 Ari0.176.14
5A5A38 Ari1.465.17
5B5B31 Ari0.845.64
5C5CHip 144390.845.64
6060ε/48 Ari2.184.63
616147 Ari0.635.80
6262ν/32 Ari1.095.45
7070δ/57 Ari (Botein)2.554.35
717154 Ari0.046.24
7272ζ/58 Ari1.864.87
737353 Ari0.196.13
8080τ²/63 Ari1.565.10
818165 Ari0.276.07
8282τ¹/61 Ari1.335.27
838366 Ari0.326.03
8484Hip 166410.176.14
858564 Ari1.025.50
868660 Ari0.176.14
8787Hip 170580.126.18