lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Queue of Mice (sriqmÌs.)

This constellation represents the Chief Mouse (α Indi in our nomenclature) leading his eleven warriors. It lies to the south of the Merman and the Ibex and passes our constellations Indus (the Indian), Microscopium (the microscope), Piscis Austrinus (the southern fish), and Sculptor.

The Merman is pouring water over the last three mice in the Queue. They are, however, undaunted, because they are mice and not men.

See also sràq. in the dictionary.

The 102 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α Ind4.203.11
1010ζ Ind1.824.90
1111ν Mic1.535.12
1212Hip 1001840.196.13
1313GJ 96910.016.26
1414ι Mic1.545.11
1515Hip 1032060.056.23
1616η Ind2.344.51
1717ι Ind1.615.06
1818Hip 1020570.036.25
1919Hip 1036730.685.76
1A1AHip 984820.126.18
1B1BHip 1053340.166.15
1C1Cη Mic0.965.55
2020ι Sgr2.864.12
2121Hip 984850.216.11
2222Hip 977491.265.32
2323Hip 995700.096.20
2424Hip 985120.635.80
2525κ¹ Sgr0.895.60
2626κ² Sgr0.845.64
3030Hip 987611.994.77
3131Hip 984610.435.95
3232GJ 7831.265.32
3333Hip 1008520.046.24
3434Hip 1007640.256.08
3535Hip 1010170.246.09
4040θ¹ Sgr2.534.37
4141θ² Sgr1.295.30
4242GJ 773.40.825.65
4343Hip 988421.704.99
4444Hip 970670.176.14
4545Hip 972601.015.51
4646Hip 983510.006.27
4747Hip 975150.316.04
4848c/62 Sgr2.454.43
4949b/59 Sgr2.304.54
4A4Aω/58 Sgr (Terebellum)2.094.70
4B4BA/60 Sgr1.904.84
5050γ Mic2.134.67
5151Hip 1041741.425.20
5252β Mic0.286.06
5353δ Mic0.775.69
5454α Mic1.834.89
5555Hip 1036460.236.10
5656Hip 1020920.695.75
5757Hip 1020141.065.47
5858Hip 1029161.005.52
5959Hip 1038360.455.93
5A5Aζ Mic1.265.32
5B5BHip 1024971.055.48
5C5CHip 1031271.245.34
6060ε Mic2.074.71
6161Hip 1049800.196.13
6262Hip 1047520.405.97
6363Hip 1047501.145.41
6464Hip 1047381.365.25
6565GJ 97260.595.83
7070ι/9 PsA2.554.35
71717 PsA0.236.10
7272θ/10 PsA1.665.02
73736 PsA0.405.97
8080μ/14 PsA2.354.50
8181τ/15 PsA1.774.94
8282υ PsA1.704.99
8383Hip 1094041.205.37
8484η/12 PsA1.125.43
8585λ/16 PsA1.095.45
8686Hip 1089750.405.97
8787Hip 1096670.116.19
8888Hip 1097370.925.58
9090β/17 PsA2.634.29
9191Hip 1116000.605.82
9292Hip 1118090.815.66
9393Hip 1119340.525.88
9494Hip 1110450.435.95
9595Hip 1099900.176.14
969649 Aqr0.985.53
A0A0δ/23 PsA2.754.20
A1A1γ/22 PsA2.414.46
A2A2Hip 1132340.246.09
A3A3π PsA1.535.12
A4A4Hip 1134470.166.15
B0B0γ Scl2.474.41
B1B1Hip 1149690.046.24
B2B2Hip 1153120.825.65
B3B3β Scl2.514.38
C0C0δ Scl2.234.59
C1C1Hip 1171070.056.23
C2C2Hip 1180760.016.26
C3C3Hip 1182770.905.59
C4C4ζ Scl1.645.04
C5C5Hip 1177970.056.23
C6C6Hip 1179310.246.09
C7C7μ Scl1.295.30
C8C8κ¹ Scl1.135.42
C9C9κ² Scl1.145.41
CACAHip 10990.176.14
CBCBHip 10960.445.94
CCCCHip 12880.815.66
CDCDHip 6550.805.67
CECEι Scl1.455.18