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to make atoms

Usage notes

Atoms have been used as a metaphor for the indivisibility of human dignity and rights. The most famous instance is the beginning of the human rights charta, written in NLem times.


poststem from singular of
NLem adm‑a
LMLem àtom‑yr
Koi ἄ‑τομ‑ος ‘uncuttable > atom’, nominalisation, compound of
  Koi ἀ‑ ‘un-’
SHell *n̥‑
PIE *n̥‑, zero-grade prefix of
  PIE *ne ‘no, not’
  Koi τέμν‑ω ‘cut’
SHell *tm̥n‑ō, nasal-infix present of
PIE *temh₁‑


Eng atom; Eng un–; Eng contempt (via Lat con‑temnō ‘despise’)