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to make feathers;
to write or draw something (e.g. a letter, a sketch)-fact about something-acc to someone-dat with a pen or quill (the fact object also needs an inner fact; see unit 14, Objects related to language and the last exercise there)

cnùzd. pen, quill (see usage notes)

Usage notes

The two meanings have quite different plot usages: thus, cnÌzd. (inner acc) can mean ‘something about which is written with a pen or [in historical contexts] a quill’ but in most cases means ‘birds’ feathers’. The inner fact cnàzd. mostly refers to writing or drawing with a pen or quill as opposed to making feathers, while cnùzd. (inner ins) most often means ‘pen, quill’, not ‘an instrument for making feathers’.


NLem cOnzd‑a
LMLem cÒ‑nezd‑yr, compound of
  LMLem cÒ‑yr ‘awn’
MLem cOO‑yr
OLem zhö‑
PLem *dzō‑ ‘grain, seed’
PIE *dʰóh₁n‑eh₂
  LMLem, MLem nezd‑yr ‘bird’
OLem nizd‑ ‘nest’
PLem *nizd‑
PIE *nisd‑ós


Lit dúona ‘bread’; Eng nest