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to make the Midwinter God (roughly corresponding to Father Christmas, Santa Claus); to make the planet Neptune (symbol: È)

Usage notes

The Midwinter God has been said to be a bringer of gifts, and live in the Far North, since Old Lemizh times.

See djeipysràd. for some information on Lemizh polytheism.

This is the formal (scholarly, religious) term. Children generally call him psrèb fÌpse.. (See there for information on popular beliefs, and on the associated weekday.)


gender change of
NLem fOpysir‑a, academic loan of
OLem föpysir‑ ‘Father Midwinter’
PLem *foɦ‑paser‑, compound of
  PLem *foɦ‑ ‘?’, Narten present of
PIE *h₃eg‑
  PLem *paser‑ ‘father’
PIE *ph̥₂tér‑s

The first part of the compound is based on a root of unknown meaning.


Eng father