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to make (colour) violet, purple (any hue between magenta and blue)

glilstkà. to make lime green, yellow-green

glystnÌs. iodine (symbol: Ι)
glistvnè. rubidium (symbol: Ια) ( vnè glìste. ‘making fire violet’)

Usage notes

There is an enzyme called GLAST in the Müller glia of the eye’s retina.

A gamma-ray space observatory has been termed GLAST, after the short wavelengths of violet light. And of course there is EGRET.


NLem dlost‑a ‘lavender’ [a painter’s term for the specific hue of a valued type of lavender]
LMLem ydlàstt‑yr ‘lavender’ [colour]
MLem ydlaystt‑yr
Ghe əᴛˡaəstt‑ə̄ /əd̠ˡa͜əs̟ttɯː/