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to lead someone-dat (as a master)

igcèd. master; Lord (title of the monotheistic deity; see also jfèxw. ‘Devil’)

Usage notes

This term is used for higher ranks in a hierarchy than nàd., and/or more formally. Adherents of monotheism reserve it as a title for their god. (Funnily, the word can be traced to the Gheans, who had an atheistic religion.)

In the last few centuries, the word has also denoted, pars pro toto, a master’s family. This use, however, is on the decline.


NLem igjadl‑a
LMLem, MLem igjdl‑ar ‘lord’
Ghe iqᴛˡ‑ā /ɪɢˠd̠ˡʌː/

doublet of igcàks.