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to make white, to make a light/pale colour (as in ‘to go white’), to whiten, to brighten up (referring to colour, not to light intensity)

lilbvjnà. to make (pure) white
lilbvnà. to make black, to blacken (non-white, ‘passive’ black, as in ‘blackened by age, dark/black night’; compare wàcg.)

lybvnÌs. fluorine (symbol: Ω)


NLem albw‑a
LMLem, MLem albw‑yr
OLem albw‑, dialect borrowing of
PLem *xalbw‑, o-stem adjective of
PIE *h₂elbʰ‑

Proto-Lemizh *xalbw‑ could also be a u-stem. The o-stem is assumed on semantic grounds.


Eng elf, Lat albus ‘white’