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to make green, to green

lilxwkà. to make (colour) magenta

lilxwkivnè. francium (symbol: Φο) ( vnè lilxwkìe. ‘making fire magenta’)
lixwgwlè. barium (symbol: Πρ) ( gwlè lìxwe. ‘making the blaze green’)


NLem alxw‑a
LMLem, MLem alxw‑yr
OLem alxw‑
PLem *alxw‑, u-present of
PIE *leh₂‑ ‘pour, water’

In Proto-Lemizh the meaning is probably only ‘to green’ as a metonymy of ‘to water’. Cross-linguistically, many words for ‘green’ are derived from terms relating to plants and their growth.


Lat lāma ‘puddle’, Hit lāhui ‘pour’