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nonexistence (‘zero’) negator (see unit 6, Negators): do not do something-acc;
to make something-dat nonexistent, to undo, annul, destroy something-dat (all: also with inner cons for the object, see unit 6, ‘unknot’);
to make zero individuals, none, nothing

Usage notes

Interestingly, the proverbial entities ‘doing nothing’ are various types of poisonous or inedible mushroom, as in waxvmyjkrÌgwem. ‘be as silent as a fly agaric’ or nà vmyjcrÌem. ‘do nothing, like a death cap’. Such phrases have been recorded since Late Middle Lemizh times.


NLem, LMLem n‑a
MLem ne‑a
OLem ne‑, inflected form of
PLem, PIE *ne ‘not’


Eng no, Lat ne ‘no(t)’