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to cook something-dat (for the ingredients) / -acc (for the dish)

soùx. kitchen stove
soòrx. kitchen

soÌx dÌhy. lit. ‘ten dishes’, an opulent meal


NLem soux‑a
  NLem tsoixe‑soux‑a ‘chef’, reanalysis of
  NLem tsoixesoux‑a
Besk tsoixäsåux ‘chieftain’
PCelt *towissāk‑os ‘chief, primary’
PIE *u̯ei̯d‑ ‘see’ or *u̯edʰ‑ ‘lead’

This word was introduced in the Tlöngö̀l as a term for someone who has developed cooking into an art. It replaced LMLem pexw‑a, a cognate of Eng cook.

See also txoixà..


Ir taoiseach ‘leader, prime minister’