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to make adequate, functional, okay

srìlwd: okay!

srywdèk. air conditioner ( Ìk srÌwdy. ‘make the air okay’; see also gyjdèk.)

Usage notes

Ghe əsʳəffᴛˡə̄ /ər̥əββd̠ˡɯː/ seems to have been an all-purpose confirmation or approval. The Early New Lemizh and modern meaning is rather weak: as an interjection, it corresponds to a pretty half-hearted ‘okay’.


NLem sruwdl‑a
LMLem, MLem ysrywwdl‑yr
Ghe əsʳəffᴛˡ‑ə̄ /ər̥əββd̠ˡɯː/