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to make someone-dat believe in something-acc;
dat, perfect or not topicalised: to believe someone-nom something-acc, to believe in something-acc (see unit 13, Verbs of certainty)

Usage notes

Belief is connotated somewhat negatively; the Lemizh have always preferred thinking to believing. For example, we usually don’t say ‘I believe it will rain tomorrow’ in Lemizh but ‘I think (qàzg.) it will rain tomorrow’; or ‘I consider it evident (khìlv.) it will rain tomorrow’ if there actually is evidence.


NLem, LMLem, MLem swent‑a
OLem swent‑ ‘make believe’
PLem *swent‑ ‘put oneself in front > make believe’, Narten present of
PIE *su̯e‑dʰh₁‑ ‘place oneself’, compound of
  PIE *su̯e ‘self’
  PIE *dʰeh₁‑ ‘put, make’


Gk ἔθος ‘habit, custom, disposition’, Ved svádhā ‘habit, custom’