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to shine at something-dat (only of the Sun)

sxnèz. Sun; Sol, Helios (god) (symbol: À)
sxnÌz. sunlight, sunshine; sunbeam, sunray

sxnyz. sunbeam, sunray

Usage notes

The Sun is mythologically and poetically seen as the male and strong counterpart of the Moon, as in most Indo-European languages. This is the source of the ‘male’ (non-zero) poststem in Modern Lemizh.

See djeipysràd. for some information on Lemizh polytheism.


gender change of
NLem sxun‑a
LMLem, MLem sxun‑ar
OLem sxun‑
PLem *sxun‑, zero grade of
PIE *sh₂u̯én‑s, genitive/weak stem of
  PIE *séh₂u̯l̥


Eng Sun (generalised weak stem), Lat sōl ‘Sun’ (generalised strong stem)