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to make the goddess Diana/Artemis; to make the minor planet Pallas

Usage notes

See djeipysràd. for some information on Lemizh polytheism.


gender change of
NLem xyrtksor‑a, academic loan of
OLem xyrtksor‑ ‘Bear-Lady’
PLem *xartk‑sor‑, feminine of
  PLem *xartk‑ ‘bear’
PIE *h₂ŕ̥tk̑‑os

Artemis was chosen as the namesake for the minor planet Pallas because of its high inclination to the ecliptic (35°) – it ventures far into the wilderness, so to speak.

doublet of xràtx.


Eng Arctic (via Gk ἄρκτος ‘bear’), Lat ursus ‘bear’