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to host someone-dat

èvd. a host
ìvd. a guest

ivdmlì. Pleiades (see appendix, Constellations)

Usage notes

The nominal form, ‘a host’, has been used for highly favourable circumstances and natural forces (e.g. ‘This weather is a host for our weekend trip’), especially those bringing material wellbeing (e.g. ‘The invention of the bicycle proved a host for Τηλέμαχος and his family, but he died poor nonetheless’), since Proto-Lemizh. In modern usage, the inner nominative fills this role.


NLem evdj‑a
LMLem, MLem eqdj‑ar
OLem hethdj‑
PLem *hethdj‑
PIE *h₁éd‑ti‑s ‘banquet’, abstract noun of
  PIE *h₁ed‑ ‘eat’

doublet of àv., àqt. and vnàt.


Eng eat, Lat edō ‘eat’