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to make African

blUcnàr. Africa


NLem blU‑can‑a, clarifying compound of
  NLem blU‑a ‘(North) Africa’
LMLem libÙ‑yr
Koi λιβύ‑η, derivation of
  Koi λίβυ‑ς ‘Libu (tribe in North Africa)’, of unknown origin
  NLem can‑a ‘complete, all’
LMLem, MLem can‑yr
OLem shand‑ ‘win’
PLem *sand‑ ‘succeed’, root aorist of
PIE *seh₂dʰ‑

NLem blU‑a was homonymic with the old word for book – see wàtx. –, hence the clarifying compound.

See darawà. for some information on continents’ names.


Eng Libya; Gk ἰθῡ́ς ‘straight, fair’