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to make hedgehogs

Usage notes

As in many cultures, the hedgehog is the proverbial non-agressive but well-defended animal. Phrases along the lines of là cgÌcem. ‘withdraw defensively (and anyone trying to get through the defenses is doing so at their own risk)’, lit. ‘behave like a hedgehog’, have been attested since Old Lemizh.


simplification of
NLem cgjir‑a
LMLem, MLem hUgjir‑yr
OLem shügjir‑
PLem *sū‑gjer‑, clarifying compound of
  PLem *sū‑ ‘pig’
PIE *súh₂‑s
  PLem *gjer‑ ‘hedgehog’
PIE *g̑ʰér‑s

Expected would be ModLem **cgcàc., which has lost one of its cs for obvious reasons.


Eng sow; Gk χήρ ‘hedgehog’