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to dance with someone-dat (In partner dances, the man is usually in the nom and the lady in the dat; in group dances, we use the nom, or possibly the acc if seen as self-transporting, with a partitive ‘and’.);
a dance (action of dancing)

drèw., drìw. dance partner (in a partner dance)
drèw., drÌw. (with outer partitive) dance partner (in a group dance)
dròrw. dance floor


NLem, LMLem, MLem darw‑a
OLem darw‑
PLem *darw‑, u-present of
PIE *dreu̯‑ ‘run’

doublet of dnà.

For NLem darw‑in ‘dance partners, among others’, see Nature 462, 288: Bird behaviour, Darwin and dance.


Ved drávati ‘runs’, Cro Drava and other European river names. Although Eng draw is unrelated, partner dancing is really a draw in at least three senses of the word – finding your partner is a draw; discussions with your partner often end in a draw; and when you’re getting good at it, you’re a draw.