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to make Troyan

droàr. the country of Troy (modern endonym: ηλψσό /l̩pˈsu/) in Asia Minor

droUkrÌst. Turkish Delight ( droÌ krÌstU. ‘Troyan thing [beneficient] for the throat’)


NLem dro‑a
LMLem drò‑yr
MLem drou‑yr
OTroy Τροι‑α /ˈdroia/, from an Anatolian word, ultimately
PIE *trḗb‑s ‘dwelling’

The term for Turkish Delight is calqued from Ar رَاحَة الْحُلْقُوم ‘throat comfort’.


Ger Dorf ‘village’, Eng place names such as Weaver‑thorpe, OIr treb ‘house, farm’