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to make bushes, shrubs

drulygwrÌjd. rosebush; also a constellation corresponding to part of Cassiopeia (see appendix, Constellations)


NLem drul‑a
LMLem, MLem durul‑yr
OLem durul‑
PLem *dorul‑
PIE *dóru‑l‑om ‘small tree’, diminutive of
  PIE *dóru ‘tree, wood (material)’

Trees and bushes are mythologically female (as evidenced by the Greek dryads, which are also etymologically related). This inhibited poststem formation of this word; otherwise expected would be **dràj.. Regular feminisation was inhibited by the related word drÌ. ‘tree’.

also a doublet of dràt.


Eng tree, Gk δόρυ ‘wood, tree, spear’