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to doubt something-acc


NLem dwatx‑a
LMLem *dw‑tx‑a, clarifying compound of
  LMLem, MLem dw‑a ‘move about’
OLem dw‑
PLem *dw‑, root present of
PIE *tekʷ‑ ‘run, flow’
  LMLem tx‑ar ‘doubtful’
MLem txu‑ar ‘doubtful, indecisive’
OLem txu‑
PLem *txu‑, u-stem adjective of
PIE *deh₂‑ ‘split’

The LMLem form, apparently meaning ‘[mentally] moving about in doubt’, is not attested and may already have had an epenthetic vowel to break up the consonant cluster. An alleged relation to dwÌ. ‘two’, while found in other languages (Ger Zwei‑fel ‘doubt’; Eng doubt << Lat dubitō, probably < du‑hibius lit. ‘held as two’), is a folk etymology.


Lit tekù ‘run, flow’; Gk δαίομαι ‘divide’